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Technology Development Focus

Technology development efforts are focused on increasing the rotor tip speed and the development of application specific performance prediction codes. Through the use of advanced CFD methods, coupled with the Rampressor test results, Ramgen has been able to refine and validate its performance prediction tools.  This has enabled Ramgen to investigate the use of its proprietary shock compression technology in a broad range of applications.

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Ramgen Compression Technology Opportunity Matrix

The CO2 compressor is a nominal two-stage 100:1 (100 bar) compression ratio, featuring a matched pair of 10:1 compression stages with an intercooler located between the stages. As can be seen from the above Opportunity Matrix, a two-stage CO2 compressor will operate at approximately 1600 ft/sec tip speed. This is considerably less than the RAM-2 One-stage, 10:1 (125 psig) air compressor stage, which operated at 2100 ft/sec.

Although there are quite a number of interesting compressor applications that require high compression ratios, either dictated by the application or as the result of a de-staging initiative…

Ramgen is focused is concentrating its efforts on the CO2 compressor due to the enormity of the market potential for Carbon Capture & Storage as the principal method to mitigate Global warming.

To the best of Ramgen's knowledge, no potential competitor is currently undertaking significant research and development using supersonic shock wave technology in a stationary platform. Ramgen possesses extensive and growing protection on its innovations and inventions, and continues to strengthen its intellectual property position.

Ramgen filed its first patent application in 1992, and since that time, eleven U.S. and eight foreign patents are in force, with five U.S. and six foreign or international patent applications pending. These patents and applications include claims covering both general processes and specific techniques relating to the creation and exploitation of shock waves.

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