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DOE National Labs

The Company views the DOE and its Regional Partnerships as critical to its success of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technologies and has developed a close working relationship with a number of them.


Pacific Northwest National Labratory - PNNL has been developing a high temperature clathrate material with the intent to apply it to a form of high temperature pressure swing and/or temperature swing adsorption systems for the purpose of separating CO2 from the flue gas at temperature. Ramgen has participated in several trade studies that optimize the proposed PNNL system with the unique capabilities of the Ramgen shock compression technology.



Albany Research Labs – ARL has been active in Integrating Oxy-Fuel Combustion with the removal of all pollutants in its Oxy-IPR technology being developed with Jupiter Oxygen.

The basis of the process is the separation of condensable vapors such as water and CO2, from the non-condensable gases such as O2 and N2, using compression and cooling. In the process, pollutants such as SOx, NOx, and particulates are removed with the condensate streams. Ramgen has been working closely with ARL to model the use of its shock compression technology and corresponding heat recovery potential. The system is applicable to the retrofit of the existing coal-fired power plants.

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