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There is widespread agreement that a high priority in reducing greenhouse gases is demonstrating that CO2 can be captured, compressed and put underground on a commercial scale that is safe and affordable.

Projects that will demonstrate the latest technology to do this are now the focal point for any realistic path to limiting Climate Change. On December 4, 2009 US Energy Secretary Chu announced a $3 billion investment for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) that would provide DOE funding for three projects. This funding, under the Department’s Clean Coal Power Initiatives (“CCPI”) program, included two projects in which the Ramgen CO2 compressor was included in the grant application. These were the American Electrical Power Company project at their Mountaineer Power Plant in West Virginia and the Summit Clean Energy, LLC project in Texas.

After the third project announced on December 4 dropped out, Secretary Chu announced on March 9, 2010, that funding was being awarded to NRG Energy for a Texas project. The Ramgen CO2 compressor was also included in this grant application. As a result, the Ramgen’s supersonic shock wave based compression technology will be included in the design and planning of these three pivotal demonstrations of large scale CCS.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory prepared this video documenting how the use of Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) high performance computing resources has significantly advanced the Ramgen technology. This presentation featuring Ramgen's founder, Shawn Lawlor, was shown at the ORNL SC10 exhibit.

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Ramgen's efforts to utilize the OLCF's world class supercomputing resources to accelerate shock-compression technology development have been recognized at this year's SC12 conference. In a prior article, Ramgen's use of the Jaguar supercomputer to optimize aerodynamic designs was described. International Data Corporation (IDC) has chosen to recognize Ramgen's efforts this year, with the HPC Innovation Excellence Award.

From the Reuters article:

The HPC Innovation Excellence Award recognizes noteworthy achievements by users of high performance computing (HPC) technologies. The program's main goals are to showcase return on investment (ROI) and scientific success stories involving HPC; to help other users better understand the benefits of adopting HPC and justify HPC investments, especially for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs); to demonstrate the value of HPC to funding bodies and politicians; and to expand public support for increased HPC investments.

"IDC research has shown that HPC can greatly improve ROI and scientific advancement. The award program aims to collect a large set of success stories across many research disciplines, industries and application areas," said Chirag Dekate, research manager, High Performance Computing at IDC. "The winners achieved clear success in applying HPC to greatly improve business ROI, scientific advancement, and/or engineering successes. Many of the achievements also directly benefit society."

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